Automated cell imaging with the ImageXpress Pico System
High-throughput, remote access capable imaging for increased productivity and reduced cost

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Key Features

  • Affordable, customizable solution to meet your high-throughput, remote access capable, research needs

  • Automated plate handler increases productivity

  • Quick recovery incubator to maintain optimal environmental conditions

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Tailored laboratory automation solutions with robotics, incubators, and software
The research environment is constantly changing and today’s scientists require simplified remote access and enhanced laboratory automation. Increased productivity, reduced costs, and consistent performance are all available when combining the ImageXpress® Pico Automated Cell Imaging System with the S-LAB™ plate handler from PAA, and the SCILA incubator from Inheco*.

The ImageXpress Pico System offers laboratories increased throughput while combining high-resolution imaging with powerful data analysis. This robust high-content imager contains over 25 comprehensive preconfigured analysis protocols, enabling you to run fluorescence imaging or brightfield assay samples, and allows you to go from sample to results in minutes. Fully integrated with an Inheco SCILA 4-Position random access CO₂ incubator, you can expand the boundaries of your research to include multi-plate live-cell assays including kinetic assays.
ImageXpress Pico System shown with the S-LAB automated plate handler from PAA,
and the SCILA 4-Position incubator from Inheco*. Additional configurations available.
Automated plate handling
Increase the capabilities of the ImageXpress Pico System by pairing it with the S-LAB plate handling system. The S-LAB plate handling system is an easy-to-use compact automation solution designed for ambient and incubated cellular assays. The S-LAB plate handler integrates seamlessly with the ImageXpress Pico System, offering unattended loading and unloading of plates.

Equipped with a barcode reader and delidding functionality as standard, the S-LAB plate handler offers a reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use automation solution with full plate tracking and LIMS integration.

Assay Manager™ is the intuitive easy-to-use software solution for running multiple kinetic assays. It enables multiple users to queue their samples for processing, even when there are batches of plates being processed. Reads will be scheduled to run even when the system is unattended. Simply answer a few questions about your assay, load the plates, hit ‘go’ and walk away. Assay Manager turns operating an automated imaging workcell into a simple procedure, requiring minimal training.

Automated cell culture applications
The ImageXpress Pico System integrates with the SCILA 4-Position CO₂ incubator from Inheco allowing you to accommodate extended live-cell experiments.

Temperature accuracy of +/- 1°C at 37°C and uniformity from drawer 1 to 4 creates a humidity ventilation circle, eliminating the need for a fan ensuring quiet continuous operation.

Fast random access ensures quick recovery of the incubation conditions to ensure optimal environmental conditions for humidity, temperature, and gas atmosphere.

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* Custom solution and sale is subject to our Custom Product Purchase Terms available at Highlighted features’ price, time to deliver, and specifications will vary based on mutually agreed technical requirements. Solution requirements may cause adjustment to standard performance.

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