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High-Performance Customizations

Get optimized imaging capabilities* for live cell imaging, hypoxia studies, thick cell samples, and multiplexed assays.

  • Water immersion objectives
  • 5- and 8-channel high-intensity lasers
  • Deep tissue penetrating, confocal disk module
  • Turnkey high-throughput, long-term kinetics
  • Real-time dose response pipettor

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* Data and images were acquired during development using customer samples. Results may vary. Highlighted features’ price, time to deliver, and specifications will vary based on mutually agreed technical requirements. Solution requirements may cause adjustment to standard performance.

Tools and Techniques for Cell Painting Assays

Cell painting assays are a method of using 5+ fluorescent dyes to reveal several responses of interest at once. Each well yields multiple specific and measurable cellular responses, which are then analyzed using preconfigured or custom modules from MetaXpress® software to provide a richer profile than that of multi-parametric assays. Additionally, analysis can be expedited by up to 40X using MetaXpress® PowerCore™ software in large batches for high-throughput applications.

Multiplexed high-content assay using MetaXpress software

Perform multiplexed assays by specifying custom parameters of interest

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MetaXpress multi-wavelength modules

- Label up to six translocating probes with different colors 

- Score cells with up to seven fluorescent stains

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Cell painting assay protocol

Learn tips and techniques for morphological profiling 

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