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Poster: Assessment of drug effects on cardiomyocyte physiology using human iPSC-derived cardiac spheroids

We presented this poster at 2016 International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) in San Francisco to provide solutions to the challenges of extracting information from 3D spheroid models. These models better mimic the in vivo environment and provide greater predictivity for drug compound efficacy and toxicity. Using high-content imaging (HCI) and fast kinetic fluorescence imaging (FLIPR Tetra® system) we were able to measure the impact of various compounds on the beating rate and pattern of cardiac spheroids.

Learn how to:

-Develop assay methods for 3D cardiac cell models

-Compare the utility of 3D cell models to 2D models

-Capture phenotypic data from 3D cardiac models using fast kinetic and high-content imaging 

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